CityPlace Plaza in West Palm Beach

The CityPlace Plaza in West Palm Beach is one of the best places in the city, simply a wonderful place to be at.

It is an upscale lifestyle center in West Palm Beach, home to some of the finest boutique stores, renowned restaurants and entertainment venues in South Florida. CityPlace has all you need in West Palm Beach. A favorite among residents and visitors, the CityPlace Plaza has a West European-inspired architecture and is surrounded by Mediterranean and Venetian elements that make this new urbanist development a walkable area to enjoy any day of the week.

In this picture above, you can see one the most iconic buildings in West Palm Beach, the Harriet Himmel Theater. This used to be a former Spanish Colonial style Methodist church built in 1926 and serving today as a cultural center.

Clearly in this picture of CityPlace Plaza, you can see that it has been conceived with a traditional neighborhood design to allow easy access to all spaces in CityPlace. Walking around the Plaza in CityPlace will always be a pleasant experience if you come to West Palm Beach.

Yes, you should be here at CityPlace Plaza in West Palm Beach, an area full of restaurants, shops, bars, and entertainment options like Movie Theaters, Comedy Clubs, and Bowling Alley among others.

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CityPlace Plaza in West Palm Beach is one of the Best Places to Hang out in Palm Beach County. See Photos of CityPlace Plaza and Get Information About it!