Crunch Roll at Sweet Ginger Asian Bistro

Sweet Ginger Asian Bistro is one of the best restaurants serving Sushi in West Palm Beach and the Crunch Roll they make is spectacular. When you eat at this restaurant, you will find they have a large sushi menu that includes appetizers from their Sushi Bar like: Sunomono, a medley of shrimp, krab, conch, octopus and cucumber topped with rice vinegar; Basic rolls like famous California Rolland the Hamachi Roll which is served with scallions and Sushi Sashimi dinners featuring favorites like Unagi Don (baked eel over sushi rice garnished and topped with seaweed salad), and their Sashimi Deluxe that includes 10 pieces of Sushi and spicy tuna rolls.

Featuring in this photo: Crunch Roll

Crunch Roll at Sweet Ginger Asian Bistro
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Sweet Ginger Asian Bistro’s Crunch Roll is made with salmon, krab, avocado and massago wrapped with soy and pepper topped with spicy mayo. It costs only $10. The Masago is processed fish eggs, also known as roe, that come from a small fish called capelin that exists in massive quantities in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Sweet Ginger Asian Bistro selects the right fish for their sushi based on seasonal and regional factors.

Sweet Ginger Asian Bistro is one of our go-to spots for Crunch Roll in the city and the rest of their menu is also worth exploring.

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If you visit:
Restaurant address: 632 Hibiscus St #116, West Palm Beach, FL 33401
Phone: (561) 832-8883 | Website:
Open daily from from 11am to 10pm (Closing at 11pm on weekends)

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