enjoy West Palm Beach GreenMarket
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One of the top activities for everyone in our city is waking up Saturday morning to enjoy West Palm Beach GreenMarket. Juicy tomatoes and other just-picked vegetables. Super-sweet fruits, artisanal cheeses, fresh baked breads, emerald-green olive oils, and flowers, they’re among the produce you will find at the farmers’ market in Downtown West Palm Beach during its season — usually from October through May of each year — as well as local culinary offers; a chance to see, taste, and learn about the incredible variety of our food and people.

West Palm Beach GreenMarket is among the top markets in Florida and WPB Magazine writers have listed here some reasons to enjoy this highly-acclaimed event.

This photo was taken on Saturday, November 19, 2016 and it gives an idea of how much people enjoy West Palm Beach GreenMarket, which by the way, is dog-friendly.

WPB Greenmarket is located in Downtown, right where historic Clematis Street meets the waterfront. It’s not just a place to pick up locally sourced vegetables, fruits, or exclusive products straight from their source. This bustling Saturday market is widely recognized as one of largest and most diverse in Florida, and on average thousands of shoppers troll through every weekend to shop over 80 vendors.

Visit this link for more information about events and vendors at the GreenMarket this month.