Squirrels in Northwood Village, West Palm Beach

This photo was taken on Tuesday, August 23 2016 during a shoot-around in Northwood Village district to the north side of West Palm Beach.

Photo Description

Squirrels on a tree across from Moonlight Radiance Artisan Soaps Market

Squirrels in North Village, West Palm Beach

Click here to enlarge the photo (Camera: Canon EOS Rebol T5i – EF 24-105mm 1:4 L IS USM)

Eastern gray squirrels are very popular in Florida. These bushy-tailed members of the rodent family are easily found in woodland and urban areas, especially near oaks and hickories. They are active during the day, often feeding on the ground.

Squirrels hoard food in numerous small caches for later recovery. Right here in West Palm Beach we find them in parks and back yards of houses within urban environments and in the farmlands of rural environments.

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Northwood Village is a very artistic district host to many galleries and restaurants. Learn more about the Bohemian Vibe of the village that recently was designated a Florida Main Street.