Urban Dog Sitters West Palm Beach

At Urban Dog Sitters we cater to “neurotic dog owners” like ourselves. We offer a hands-on approach to daycare, boarding, and the finest in grooming services. We also sell only the healthiest treats and a wide selection of dog accessories. All-day boarding, over-night boarding, and half-day boarding available at the best rates.

If you happen to live around West Palm Beach downtown and CityPlace, Urban Dog Sitters on Clematis Street will definitely be an ideal place when it comes to your pet’s needs for grooming. Convenient and professional, Urban Dog Sitters is an affordable hands-on facility, loyal to our customers and their pets.

Urban Dog Sitters in West Palm Beach

Address: 540 Clematis St, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401
Phone:  (561) 707-1457 | Follow Urban Dogs Sitters on Facebook here

With our Urban Dogs Grooming services make sure we meet the expectations of every owner. Every dog and cat is groomed in a cageless, stress-free environment. We start with a blueberry vanilla facial and continue with a selection of botanical shampoos and conditioners. Pets are never cage-dryed. Each groom includes bath ears, nails and style of the owner’s choice..

Available Services...

Urban Dog Sitters also provides the Downtown area of West Palm Beach and popular CityPlace with high-quality Dog Grooming Services:

• Hypoallergenic Shampoo
• Brushing & Combing
• Conditioners
• Safe Drying
• Nail Check & Trim
• Ear Cleaning
• Pad & Foot Trim
• Sanitary Trim of Rear & Underside
• Cologne
• Clean eyes/clip nails
• Massage
• Deodorize w/ cologne

If you are visiting West Palm Beach, give us a call and we will take care of your dog while you can enjoy all the beautiful things, points of interest and attractions West Palm Beach has to offer. Our dog grooming services prices are very affordable. Call today for a free estimate: (561) 707-1457

Why is important to grooming your dog?

Grooming isn’t a canine luxury. It’s a necessity, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Keeping your pet well groomed not only makes for a clean-smelling companion, it also helps keep your dog more comfortable and allows you to spot health problems before they become serious, or even life-threatening.

Good grooming habits are essential to the health and comfort of your dog. Grooming requires time and effort and Urban Dog Sitters West Palm Beach is happy to assist all pet owners nearby West palm beach downtown.

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Pet Services Offered by Urban Dog Sitters In West Palm Beach: Dog Grooming, Day Care Services, All-Day Boarding, Over-Night Boarding, and Half-Day Boarding.