Hurricane Irma

The City of West Palm Beach is actively preparing for the threat of Hurricane Irma. Currently, Hurricane Irma is a potentially catastrophic and very dangerous Category 5 storm. Forecasters predict, Palm Beach County will begin feeling the effects of Hurricane Irma on Saturday morning. Mayor Muoio and City emergency managers, urge all West Palm Beach residents and visitors to prepare now for potential effects of Hurricane Irma; monitor news and information coming out of the City; have enough food, water and emergency supplies to last for at least three days; and adhere to all City and County advisories, including potential evacuation orders.

“Hurricane Irma has the potential to cause catastrophic damage and widespread destruction in South Florida,” said Mayor Muoio. “I cannot emphasize enough the importance of preparing for this storm and following local advisories closely. If you are asked to evacuate, you must evacuate. ”

The City is not announcing any evacuations or curfews yet. We expect Palm Beach County, which operates local shelters with the American Red Cross, will announce shelter openings on Friday including the openings of shelters for individuals with special needs and pets.

If activated, the primary shelter in the City of West Palm Beach is Forest Hill High School located at 6901 Parker Ave.

Hurricane Irma is an extremely dangerous Category 5 storm. The City has begun activation of its Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and is preparing for a potential full activation of the EOC later this week. To ensure the safety of all residents and visitors, you should follow upcoming updates from city officials and keep informed through our local media outlets.

To track information regarding Hurricane Irma, we suggest to check regularly any of these local channels: and Channel 5

Our tourists are urged to follow the information provided at their hotels’ front desks. They should also become familiar with evacuation zones and routes should an evacuation order be issued for your community. Remember, if a hurricane threatens your community and you are told to evacuate, don’t hesitate—go early. To see which evacuation zone you live in, visit:

“Irma is an extremely impressive hurricane in both infrared and visible satellite images,” the National Hurricane Center says, noting its distinct eye that is 25-30 miles wide.

The City of West Palm Beach website for updates and links to important hurricane information is Stay safe!

Hurricane Irma update

Stay tuned for new updates. Hours of services of some attractions, restaurants, and services in the city might be affected in the next days because of the storm.

There is an increasing chance of seeing some impacts from Irma in the Florida Peninsula and the Florida Keys later this week and this weekend.


Hurricane Irma Threatens South Florida. Here’s the Latest Travel Update and Information from the City of West Palm Beach in Regards to Hurricane Irma.