While you enjoy West Palm Beach, besides hotels, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, sightseeing, and other activities, you might need to have access to some specific services. Explore our professional business directory in West Palm Beach and find the best providers. If you need assistance beyond this listing, call our customer service at 561.366.2691 Ext 1

Transportation Services

Need a ride to... anywhere?

Taxi Service in West Palm Beach – Florida Yellow Taxi – (561) 577-1229
Need to Rent a Car? – Datura Auto Rental – (561) 655-8755

Trolley Services: Hop in, Hop out. It's free! Just have fun.

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West Palm Beach Service Directory - Exclusive Selection by VisitWPB

If you are visiting West Palm Beach, you might need some personalized services during your stay. Beyond having fun, eating, drinking or relaxing, just in case you need them, here’s a list of professional service providers, exclusively catering to visitors in West Palm Beach.